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Paying it forward has been a part of Zak's life for as long as he can remember. He occasionally pays for someone’s coffee at local convenience stores. Seeing how happy people get when they'd receive a random act of kindness brought immense joy to his life and therefore sparked a larger need for more kindness in the world. If people could receive this much joy from a small gesture like this, what would it be like if hundreds of more people did it all the time as well? The board of kindness was implemented to share the joy of giving and to help spread kindness locally and in time, throughout the world.

Zakary's is a place of comfort and casual relaxation. We’re positioned in Gaffney South Carolina right on the Historic Mainstreet of downtown Gaffney which makes it a perfect location for creative minds to come and harness their abilities and or students and workers to write papers and plan schedules. It's a place of no judgement and ultimate customer satisfaction. Zakary's knows how important it is to make sure every guest is treated the same and with extreme care and hospitality. A normal experience in this coffee shop could include a friendly greeting, a shop with ample seating and plug-in spaces for laptops and phones, free Wi-Fi, and of course a cup of coffee that is sure to please. If the coffee or beverage isn’t quite what you ordered it’s ok because it can be corrected, remade, or changed up completely. Making sure you’re happy and comfortable is Zakary’s number one priority when you walk through the door.


Our mission here at Zakary’s is to bring the world together one cup of coffee and a bit of kindness at a time. We believe that kindness and compassion breeds happiness and joy and that’s why Zakary’s strives to be the friendliest atmosphere in town. We want people to feel at home, safe, and happy with their coffees in hand.

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